Not sure if i can take the GRE test!

I intend to enroll in an american institution, they asked me for both of TOEFL and GRE,
I took the Toefl test I scored 527, and I applied for the GRE test but I didn’t attend the day of he exam.
Now I have some bad feelings toward this test, I am not sure that I can overcome this obstacle! I am afraid that I won’t get the scores needed?
I think that it is more difficult than the TOEFL, isn’t it? :!:

Hi louahmed

What the GRE tests you on is different from what the TOEFL tests you on, but I’d say at least the vocabulary in the GRE will probably be more difficult for you.

Have you done any preparation for the GRE? Have you looked at any online practice tests? That should give you a general idea about what to expect and how difficult it will be for you.

What are you planning to major in at university?

One thing is certain: If the universities you are applying to have said they need scores for both tests, then you’ll have to do the GRE, too.