"not fully implementable"


This is not fully implementable.

  1. How does the (technical) word implementable sounds for you? (If not too good, can you give a better synonym?)

  2. The sentence means:

  • … not implementable at all or
  • … not implementable in full

Hi Tamara

The word implementable is fine and sounds to me like something that would be a techie favorite. :wink:

I’d understand your sentence to mean “Parts of this cannot be implemented”

Theoretically speaking, however, a whole project might not be implemented at all if the non-implementable “issues” are critical and can’t be resolved. So, in that sense, your sentence could mean “not implementable at all.”

But I’ve heard of plenty of projects being launched before they were fully implementable. :lol:


Hi Tamara,

I don’t like implementable one little bit- it’s too much of a mouthful. I’d go for cannot be fully implemented.


Hi Amy,


Thank you for the validation.

I’ve not only heard of that…
But here (in the above case) b implementable[/b] is a predictiion. Estimate for the future.

By the way, Amy, what “negative” prefix would you use with the word? Instead of using not.
un? in-?

Hi Alan,

OK, I’ve got it.
And what about is unfeasible?


Hi Tamara

I used “non” for explanation reasons, but I guess the prefix un- “should” be added. :roll: To be honest, though, “unimplementable” is a word that sends me over to Alan’s camp: That seems to be taking things too far (too much of a mouthful). Still, if you’re dealing with techies, it just might be quite a normal term. :lol: :wink:


Good morning, Amy :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.


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