not enough training

Hi Teachers

Can I say “Not enough training”?
or “Training is not enough”
Can we put “enough” before a noun?
like “enough money”?

Thank you


You can do all those things, Mark. Did you have a specific context in mind or were you just checking out the possibilities?

Hi Beeesneees

I checked it out with a dictionary and got the answer like that:
“always after a verb, adjective, or adverb”
so I am a little bit confused.

Thank you for your help


Is it an online dictionary? If so, which one. Perhaps there is more of a clue in the context.



Here is the reason, in the dark blue banner:
enough[size=59]1[/size] adverb

You need to look at this page too:
enough[size=59]2[/size] determiner, pronoun

Oh, yes. Thanks

You are a good teacher of great insight.

LOL - Perhaps I’m just a mediocre teacher who happens to have been around a long time!