Not enough is known about what happened.

I have just found the following sentence in my dictionary.

Not enough is known about what happened.

I would like to know how would you parse the word “enough” here. Is it a pronoun or an adjective?

I would say it (enough) is a noun here.


We do not know as much as we want to know about what happened.

In that sentence, “not” is an adverb. Which word in the sentence does the adverb modify?

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Hello, Screen:

I have some ideas (not “answers”) to share with you.

I have done some googling, and I think that it is accurate to say that your sentence could be considered a shorter example of:

“Not enough information is known about what happened.”

IF (if!) that is true, do you think that we can say:

“not” is an adverb that modifies the adjective (or determiner) “enough,” which in turn modifies the noun “information.”

Angry newspaper reporters: Why isn’t the government giving us more information?

Government official: I’m very sorry, not enough is known at this time.


Well, thank you. That makes perfect sense now. I was confused about the adverb “not”.

I was, too. Thanks for your great question.