Not Double, But they Thought


I want to find a word with this meaning

“When you put yourself inside another person’s character.”

“When you feel that you are another person because of extreme interest to that person.”

I know we have a word in English “Double” , "when two people ba exactly the same maybe in another part of the world "
but I want to find a word for >> the feeling that some people have when they feel they are another person , maybe after watching an action movie , e.g. “Bruce Lee”.

thanks in advance

I think you are looking for “empathy”.

Or ‘identification’:

'4. Psychology.
a. a process by which one ascribes to oneself the qualities or characteristics of another person.
b. (in psychoanalytic theory) the transference or reaction to one person with the feelings or responses relevant to another, as the identification of a teacher with a parent.
c. perception of another as an extension of oneself.

Definitely, there’s a noun for such people: wannabees

Thank you all my friends ,

Here are some more notes :
I dont mean to feel another person’s feeling
I want >> " A feeling that some people has because they think/Feel ( It isnt real , just an imagination so not “sympathic” , “empathic” ) Now they are e.g. the main character of movies or cartoons & maybe in life and so on .

My desired word is a Noun
We have a word twins , doubles , … for similar people

I want a noun for thinking at a moment you are double with someone else ,
and you can do everything that person do , and maybe you have similar situation and position and now maybe you have to fight with same enemies !

maybe if I wanted to define that word myself I build a word like :


extremely thanks

Identification. His identification with Spiderman caused him to leap to his death off the roof of his office building.

Ok thanks , so I think that it is the closest word to what I have been seeking ,

also I forgot to give my thanks to ‘lost_soul’ because of the word “Wanabees” , It is also great
but it has two differences with my desired word :
1 . I wanted a noun for the feeling , not the people who feel such that
2 . Their work is intentional , what I was talking about is caused by the effect of another character to you .

anyway these are useful words , thank you all , and keep going :wink: