not at a right angle

Let’s say ABC street branches off CDF street at an angle that is not right.
Can one say:

[color=red]1-ABC street is not straight.
[color=darkblue]2-ABC street goes off at a tangent.
[color=blue]3-ABC street forms an angle with CDF.

I think “straight” can mean “vertical” but it does not mean “at a right angle to something else” and cannot be used here.


You are right. (1) sounds very odd.
However, the other two also sound slightly strange things to choose to say and use of ‘branches off’ in your original explanation is the best option for me.

Thank you very much Beeesneees,

But can’t a street that “branches off” be at a right angle to the street it is branching off from? Don’t we need to mention that the angle is not right?


I can’t think of a reason for doing so unless you were asking the person to draw a map.