Not all learning takes place in the classroom

Dear Kitosdad, this is my essay written in 32 minutes. Please check and rate it, so I know what level I am. Thanks a lot.

Nowadays, knowledge is everywhere: in the library, on the TV, and especially on the Internet. Therefore, some people say that they do not really need to go to school to be educated men. However, in my perspective, we still should learn academically in a college because of some following reasons.

Initially, the knowledge in classroom is correct and up to date. Obviously, if we refer information from the Internet, it is really hard to distinguish if it is believable or not. In contrast, almost every materials, books or lessons at school are checked, so we can trust on them. Professors are also willing to help us in choosing references or giving us sources to find what we want to read . It is a remarkable thing.

Furthermore, we can use ready to use knowledge from class. Imagine if we do self learning at home, we are easily overwhelmed because of too much things to read. Moreover, we even do not know what need to be invest more time to think, what can be ignored. However, learning at school, we will follow curriculums of experienced teachers what are narrowed down and highlighted. For example, at the beginning of a course, teachers often give us lists of books and materials to read. That is a wonderful advantage of classroom instruction.

Last but not least, we are encouraged in learning at school. Needless to say, learning is hard and tired. Therefore, we will feel boring sometimes. However, deadlines and exams keep us in track and we do not allow us to stop learning. Moreover, our classmates and professors also help us to get motivated. Hence, we often have more responsible with our education than stay at home and self studying.

In short, the correct, ready to use of knowledge and the encourage of an academic environment are the three main reasons for me to support going to school. I believe that if we can combine what we learn at school and our experience from the real world, we can easily strive for success.

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