Not agency joint Venture........?????


Im working with some legal documents translations and i found this term:
" not agency joint venture"…

could someone tell me what is the meaning…
It was difficult for me to find any sense…

Thanks in addition!!


More context is needed, I’m afraid.

It is the title of a little paragraph…
It says:
1 No Agency or Joint Venture
1.1 For the purpose of this Appendix D no Party nor any of its respective agents, employees, independent contractors, or representatives shall:
be considered an agent, employee or representative of the respective other Party for any purpose whatsoever,
have any authority to make any agreement or commitment for the respective other Party nor to incur any liability or obligation in the respective other Party’s name or on its behalf, or
represent to third parties that they have any right so to bind the respective other Party hereto.



The legislation is making it clear that they are not entering into a situation where the contract can be seen as a joint venture between the parties or where the members of the company drawing up the agreement will act as agents for the other party.

Does that make sense?

mmmmm i got it!!!

Thanks a lot!!! took a little time to understand it, i had to read your explanation many times… :)… but thank you…
i really appreciate it!!!


mmm Hello again…
i´m sorry for bothering you so much… but i got other doubt:

On the paragraph above, there is a part that says:

“represent to third parties that they have any right so to bind the respective other Party hereto”

could you explain to me?..please

Thanks in addition…


The way I read that is…
no party has the right to bind the other party to the agreement (to force them to agree to it) or to give any indication that they can force them to adhere to it.

(I could be wrong on any of this though. I’m not legal expert.)


This terms are difficult to understand and you English is better than mine…so…
I trust in you…
Many thanks!!