'non-native speakers of English' vs 'native speakers of English'

Is it possible for a non-native speaker of English to be better in English than a native speaker?

My answer is: Yes.
For instance:
Many English Speakers Cannot Understand Basic Grammar

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I don’t know about English, but in portuguese, my native language, yes. There are many people who make terrible mistakes even being born in a country where this language is spoken by everyone. People who spend most time in the internet, using expressions which are completely different than the formal way of writing. Well, if you study portuguese in 3 years, then you’ll speak and write better than 150 millions of people.

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Yes this is possible in grammar but not oral . All of the people who native they can speak without think. But sometimes people don’t know basic grammar.
this is passible.


Nobody doesn’t know 100% his or her native language This is impassible know good
but I want to speak make mistakes but they can understand me and can answer me and everywhere in doctor office in school in theatre in movie …

Hi Tom. I would like to talk about the pasives and how affect the conversation skills. thanks.

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IMO, the terms “native” and “non native” mean nothing really. The only “native” speakers are the English. Most Americans are of German descents and most British are of Welsh and Scottish descent. English is not their native language, but a foreign language to them. Proficiency comes from education and of course, being in an English speaking environment.

Hi, besides, there are some people who are of mixed descent.

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