No sooner...than vs. Hardly...when

Hello! How do you feel?

What if Sunday lasts forever? :lol:

Well, my question:

I don?t know what?s the difference, if any, between
‘No sooner… than’ and ‘Hardly…when’
May you explain it to me, please?

1.- I had no sooner entered home than the bell

Have a look at the following sentence as well.
Does it
make sense? Has it got the same meaning
as one above?

2.- I had hardly entered home when the bell rang.

Thanks indeed!


They seem synonymous to me, Jesus. Perhaps another member will find a subtle difference.

One thing you may find interesting is that both of these carry negative connotations, so would more likely front and cause the S-V to invert:

1.- No sooner had I entered home than the bellrang.

2.- Hardly had I entered home when the bell rang.