No one in the United States would understand what you mean

in this story’no one in the united states would understand what you mean by that’ i did not distinguish why would used ?


A language professional will be with you very soon.

I just wanted to respectfully and gently remind you of two things:

  1. The word is spelled “grammar.”

  2. The personal pronoun “I” is always capitalized.


Thank you james M

Sorry I made a mistake again with your name James M as I have been here with mobile.

Hi Ramananda,

It is a conditional usage that refers to a theoretical situation. We can add a bit to the sentence and make it a typical “Type 2” IF-sentence (a conditional sentence). Pehaps that will make things clearer for you:

  • If you said that in the United States, no one would understand what you mean.[/i]

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Thank you, Ramananda, for your kind note.

Teacher, 'India tops the list of student suicide.'here ‘tops’ like a verb I do not distinguish.