No, no, It’s covered with soup

At a restaurant

Manager: Well, little better, but give me that napkin a moment. I have to wipe my glasses as well.
Man: Oh, yes, your glasses are dirty too. I’m sorry.
Manager: That’s better.
Man: What now?
Manager: The tablecloth is also dirty.
Man: Oh, well, shall I wipe it clean?
Manager: No, no, It’s covered with soup.
Manager: Just take tablecloth away.
Man: All right. OK.

No, no, It’s covered with soup.

What does “It’s covered with soup” mean?

Which is the best synonym for this sentence:

  • t’s dirty with soup.
  • It’s sprinkled with soup.
  • It’s smeared with soup.
  • something else…

Thank you

It’s covered with soup


This means that parts of the soup are spread on the surface of the table.

This means that the tablecloth is soaked to large parts with soup.


Thank you so much, Torsten :rose:

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