No country for old men!

[size=150]the wonderful movie… it was amaizing film… hope you have watched it to tell us how you did find it.[/size]

Thank you.


Hi Jamilion,

Why don’t you tell us why it is that you found ‘No country for old men’ so ‘‘wonderful’’ and ‘‘amazing’’?!
I happened to watch it on TV and to me, the movie did not stand out in any way – the only thing I liked about it was its title! :slight_smile:

I Enjoyed this too ?

The guy in the middle with the staring eyes is one freaky dude!

If I remember he goes around with a gas bottle killing people with compressed air or something…

But Im so tough after watching it - I still slept with the light out.

Are you impressed?


Yes, I am. I would have thought that you had watched most of the movie between your fanned-out fingers! :slight_smile:

Well it was of course my bedroom light.
And obviously I kept the hall light on and the bedroom door fully open.
But I mean that goes without saying.

Is that so?! But you see… I cannot fall asleep if the lights are on! So, after watching a scary movie I cover myself really well with my blanket (only my nose sticking out of the covers) and then I am completly safe! :slight_smile:

Ok Cristina lets stop the messing around and cut to the chase!

Have you watched the Exorcist?

well Im a helluva guy cuz I have!

Yes, I have. But that was quite some time ago… Let me think … Oh, yeah, I remember!

After the movie was over I went through the house turning on every light and making sure there wasn’t anything hiding in some corner. That night I did quite a bit of tossing and turning in bed, while keeping my ears pricked for the slightest noise.

But yes, I still slept with the lights off – if that was what you were asking. :slight_smile:

Does that mean it was a corny film - Jamilion? :slight_smile: (Joke)

Well Cristina funny my sister has the exorcist taped from Sat TV and was offering to let me watch it.

Think I’ll pass :slight_smile:

It looks like Jamilion does not wish to take part in our conversation so…

Well Lurker, that settles it then: ‘No country for old men’ is a banal movie (rather than a movie abounding in corn/maize – get it Jamilion?) and its only highlight was the freaky guy with the staring eyes.

I still wonder if I got my tenses right, there… I’d best ask Bee in the grammar forum, uh? :slight_smile:

IMO when you are effectively learning I would keep my sentences quite generic.

for example - Yes, I am. I thought you watched the movie from behind the sofa :slight_smile:
would do fine…
Fanned out fingers? I know what you mean but in English its not an expression I would really use or hear on a day to day basis?

Perhaps you are translating an expression from your own language?

Hi Cristina. Hi lurker Sorry I was sleeping “Im kidding” . I really don’t know what I say, but when you talk about this film as if it was just a scary movie you will be faraway from the right. I think we must treat with such work , as a tasters of art specially with a film like this genius one. For the art had been filling the inner of the film like a filling of tasty pie .
The general atmosphere of the film was fantastic . it could take your breathe and never return it again…
I liked the actor in the left for his wonderful natural performance.
Of course… behind every successful movie, a clever director.

Oh yes I know what you mean Jamilion yes it seems to have struck a chord with you.

Some films I found meaningful strange yet very interesting would be
Especially river Phoenix in “My own private Idaho” which I think also ha a strange atmosphere… :slight_smile:

Jam, to me, ‘No country for old men’ is no work of art/masterpiece – this is the best you will hear from me: the movie was not too bad.

Whaaat?! You are not impressed with my English?! :frowning:

Thanks for the suggestion but I didn’t want to say that! As you probably guessed, I wanted to say that you covered your eyes with your hand and watched the movie peeking out between your fingers.

Now if you will excuse me, I’ll go sulk for a while…

No need… I roam this one too.
That’s a perfect example of mixing tenses to create a complex sentence.
You could also have said, “I would have thought that you would have watched…”

I think the phrase ‘fanned-out fingers’ is both common enough and understandable enough too.

I am very glad that you do – it would have been quite difficult to explain the context. Thanks Bee. :slight_smile:

Lurker wrote:

Thank you Lurker, that makes me feel good.

Now Cristina said that the film was banal film or something like that … then from other side she said … yes she was" impressed "… I can’t understand that…

anyway, hope Cristina would tell us what kind of films she likes …

Good luck to all.

Interesting Bev… Common enough? Whereabouts?

I have certainly never heard this term in day to day conversation Bev.- especially in anything related to watching a scary movie - so I googled it and also “Watched through fanned out fingers” which shows only this thread.

While obviously “Fanned out fingers” shows up in google - as does nearly any 3 word combination in English there is no reference to fear,apprehension or anything relevant to the context of the sentence which is why I discouraged its use.

I would also go as far as to say if a native speaker spoke like that it would at least sound strange.(if not “Stupid”).

I would suggest

Oh I just kept my fingers over my eyes

Oh my god - I just covered my eyes I was so scared
or even
I was so scared I kept my eyes closed through most of it.
I have heard these many times…
“Oh I was so scared I watched it through fanned out fingers”
I have honestly never heard this before in my puff.

But if you want to sound daft - don’t mind me… :slight_smile:

Guitar playing involves the technique of fanning out the fingers.

Why does the term need to refer to fear, apprehension, etc. It is the context that does that, not the phrase.

Are you seriously telling me that you have never heard the term ‘fan out your fingers’?
Look at 1.Finger Curl - point 2.
Look at the directions: … id=5094195
Look at point 1 of ‘How to Hold the Baby’: … -full.html

Would you be happier with the term splayed fingers?