nip off

  1. I nip off the flowers.
  2. I pinch off the flowers.
  3. I pluck the flowers.
  4. I pluck out the flowers.
  5. I pick the flowers.
    Please correct the above.
    Do they all mean the same?
    Can I say?: I nip the flowers.

‘Nip off’ and ‘pinch off’ mean the same, but you cannot leave out ‘off’ in this context. These sentences refer to just the flower head, leaving behind the stem and leaves.
‘Pluck’ is similar to ‘pick’ but conveys the way (action) in which you pick them.These sentences refer to the removal of the stem (and possibly leaves) as well as the head. ‘Pluck out’ might possibly even refer to the removal of the roots, dependent on the context.