Next Week?

Hi everyone!
I was told about “next week” doesn’t mean the following week for North American culture . Let me give you an example. This week goes from October 20th to 26th, right?. So, for me (Meaning for my Latin Culture) “the next week” starts this Monday (October 27th). However, as far as I understand “the next week” for Americans would be starting on September 1st. Thus, I got confused and I need you to clarify me this, please. I couldn’t figure a simpler way to set this issue, so if you don’t understand what I mean, let me know.


Hi Sergio

Right now it is Friday, October 24th here in the US. For me, “next week” begins on Monday, October 27th. (Please note that I did not use “the”. Using “the” would be wrong in this context.)

On Tuesday of the week after next, we will be electing a new President. (Election Day = Tuesday, November 4th)

Here are two examples using “the next week”. The entire context is important:

The next week” in the two quotes above basically means “the week that follows the week I just mentioned”.

I hope that clarifies things.