Newspapers and magazines are the best ways to learn about a foreign country.

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Newspapers and magazines are the best ways to learn about a foreign country. (Media)

Ten years have passed since we stepped into the 21th century. One country seems to tighten up its ties with others. People around the world always want to know about foreign country. Somebody says that reading newspapers and magazines are the best ways to learn about the country which is unfamiliar to you. But I do not think so. Reading newspapers and magazines are just two ways to get information about a country.

It is a reasonable way to know a foreign country though newspapers and magazines. Newspapers and magazines are still a big paper media that include a huge amount of information about a country. Suppose you want to pay a visit to China, you would like to get some information about China. I would introduce a newspaper called China daily. It is the biggest paper in china. The paper contains information about China from A to Z. For instance, the first page may tell us what is going on in china and what the tourism policy is like. We can get information about the culture and the food. Even we may know what the weather is like in your destination. Newspapers and magazines are an efficient way to know a country.

But I deem that paying a visit to some museums is also a good way to learn about a country. A museum is just like an epitome of a country. Going through a museum can learn about a country’s history and modern development quickly. For example, if we visit a historical museum, we can understand what the culture is like and which kind of food the country’s people eat. Then we go to a modern museum. There we may see how this country develops and how the people live nowadays. After these two steps, we may have a clear vision on how people live and what the people eat. I think we may learn a lot about the country.

There is another significant method to learn about a country that is having a talk to some persons whose motherland is the place we want to know. No one knows a country better that a person who was born there. He grew up there. Surely he is familiar with all traditional culture and place of interests. He can tell us whatever we want to know about his motherland. Also he may tell us some taboo that can prevent many troubles. I am certain that talking to a local people is a useful way to get information about a country.

From the discussion we make above, we can draw the conclusion that there are several ways to know about a country such as visiting museums and talking to native person. Reading newspapers and magazines are just two normal ways to learn about a country, not the best one.

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