Hello everybody~~
I’m a newcomer here.

My name is Jenny Wang. I’m a university student in Beijing Film academy.
I want to take the iBT test this year, but my English is poor.
So I come to here to find some help.


Hello Jen,

I am new member as well, my suggestion is always come to this site.
hopefully you can get what you needed.

Warm regards,

Hello everybody.

My name is Alexandra Chávez. I’m from Colombia. I’m 20 years old and I’m a university student In Barranquilla, Colombia. I would like to improve my English skills and also Know new people who can help me out with my learning process.
I think this is a very helpful forum and hope everyone enjoy it and learn from it!


Hello to all of you!!

Learning through sharing is a great thing! If you’d like more personal online lessons, have a look at my school website:


welcome Alexandra, i m also new in this forum

Hello JennyW17, welcome to the forum
Here you can improve your englhish skills, there are listening, speaking, grammar, etc… If you like you can talk by post message or join with someone to talk by phone, skype, etc.
My name is Jairo from Brazil and I’m DBA in a IT departament
I need improve my englhis skill, so if you want you can contact me by email, skype, record message, etc.
See you

My email account is:,
I want to make friends with the member here.

Hi Jenny, welcome to the site. I hope you find this is a great place to improve your English and prepare for your test.

Hello !!! how are you doing today ? I sent an email to you … have a nice day !

Hi everyone… welcome to the forum!

hi jenny . i’m anjana and iam also a university student .so my situation is same as yours . so i believe we can help each other.isn’t it?

Hi Jenny! I added you in messenger, hope to chat with you soon. I am also taking my toefl this year and I need more practice on the speaking part.

helloo, I am Vania . I am seventeen years old. I’m come from Indonesia . Do you know Indonesia ? maybe you know Bali, yeah it’s city in Indonesia. I’m so excited because I can join with this forum and I can know many friends from other country . i hope , I can share my experiences, my life with yours , and we can make a friend :)thanks you . (terima kasih ) *Indonesia Language.[/b]

hai Jairo , nice to meet you . Are you new in this forum ??? I hope we can make a friend. Do you come from, Brazil, don’t you ?? wow, it’s far from here …

hai, Astrid , nice to meet you :slight_smile:

hi, nice to meet you , I’m also new in here

Hi Alexandra . Introduce me, My name is Yania . I come from Indonesia. Nice to meet you . I hope I can fluent my english with you . Thank you

this is stupid, which do i have to write 5 posts to PM someone

final post to go

It’s a spam-trap.
It is unlikely that newcomers to the forum know anyone else they need to send a PM too.
The best place to get to know someone is in the public areas.
Therefore most people don’t need to send PMS until they have made a number of posts - the general exceptions are those who wish to pass on spam.

We can’t tell whether you are a spammer or you have a genuine reason to PM someone, so the forum software sets a limit.