Newcomer: My name is Mar. I'm from Spain. My residence is in Dallas, Texas...

Hi everybody,
My name is Mar. I’m from Spain. My residence is in Dallas, Texas, and I need to improve my English to find a good job around here.

Hello again,
My name is Mar, a new member of this Forum. Actually I joined the Forum today, Feb 15, 2009.
I want to talk about Dallas. It is not a city like Washington, DC, or New York. Dallas is more spread to the outskirt and not to much down town. I have been living here since last October. Before Dallas I lived in Frankfurt, Germany, and believe me it is hard to get used to Dallas after Frankfurt. One of the things I don’t like about Dallas is that you have to drive everywhere. There is not way you can walk. If anyone doesn’t know where is Dallas, it is in Texas, USA.
Well this is all for the moment,