Newapaper is the best way of learnning about a foreign counrty.

Perhaps no issue in this world is as significant to people as newapaper, because it affects everybody in their daily lives. It has caused wide concern all over the world. There are various responses people have on this issue. Some people hold the opinion that newspaper is the best way of learnning about a foreign country. However, others disagree with this statement. From my point of view, I tend to believe that though there are many other methods for us to know more about other countries, newapaper is the best way to help us to accomplish this goal indeed. There are various reasons why I hold this viewpoint, and among those reasons are two important ones.

The first and foremost reason is that from the newapaper, we can get a lot of information about other countries. It ranges from the literature to culture, from the social development to the economic development. According to a recent survey, 89% of people are beginning to realize that, with the development of science and technology, more and more people have less time to pursue their interests, not to mention learnning about foreign countries. So, there is a dilemma. But the newspaper can help us solve the problem easily. It must be admitted that, no on account can we ignore the value of newspaper. We can know the latest development about all kinds of fields. It can be given a concrete example. I have got to know the table manners in English just from the newspaper. What’s more, I realize that there are pretty many differences between their mannners and ours which can help me avoid some problems when I come there one day.

Another essential reason is that the newspeper is available almost everywhere, so it is convenient for us to obtain the information and knowledge. Believe it or not,in recent years, people from all walks of life have been facing more and more pressures during their work.Then they have no time to surf the Internet or watch television which can help them get information about other countries, because they need to invest their precious time to work and study. Then the advantages of the newspaper can be seen easily. Newspaper can be found everywhere. We can obtain it at home, or in offices. Even at the restaurants,when we are waiting for our meals, we can have access to it. So, from this perspective, we can realize that newspaper is ,indeed, the best way for us to learn about foreign countries.

Of course, as the proverb says, ’every coin has two sides’. We should give comprehensive consideration to this issue. Then we may find that there are many other methods for us to learn about other countries. For example, we can achieve our goals by surfing the Internet. What’s more, we can watch television .

To sum up, if all those factors are contemplated, we may find that the advantages of using newspaper to learn about foreign countries carry more weight than those of other methods. So, from what we have discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that it is advisible to hold the opinion that newpaper is the best way for us to know more about a foreign country.

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