New word that I can't figure out: bling it on

The Calgary stampede event is being celebrated in here. I read a tiltle in one of the flyers saying “Superdogs ‘Bling it on’”.

I don’t know ‘Bling’ and could not find its correct meaning. Could you explain it please, Torsten? Thank you.

bling is slang, normally American but has come over to England

Its from “Bling Bling, Diamond Ring”
But its just means shiny (expensive) jewellery

to “bling it on”…i’m not sure what that means
but if i was to say “bling it up” then I’d assume that meant make it more expensive and shiny looking.
I hope this helps
I’m sure there are some urban dictionaries that can give you more examples

Thank you, Benjamin! I think I got it from your explanation. The part of the original article:

Superdogs “Bling it on”

Nothing short of super and celebrating their 30th anniversary, the IAMS Superdogs brought the “bling” to thousands of visitors this weekend.

“The theme of the birthday show this year is ‘Bling it On’ and the dogs sure did”, Williams added.
“Did they bring it? yeah, they 'blinged it! The dogs are shiny and energetic and it’s just so real, so pure and so wholesome.”

I was also thinking that, is it trying to make fun of people who could not pronounce ‘r’ and always say ‘bling’ instead of ‘bring’?

Thank you again. Have a good night!

Yes, Bling is hard. It started off as jewellery but now it means more.
Now it can be a way to act or a lifestyle.

Anyway glad to help! its one of the few American slang terms I know so I was a bit lucky :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Benjamin!

Just an observation, that the article title was a pun, playing off the phrase ‘bring it on’.

‘Bling it on’ is not a normal slang phrase, just a play on words for that particular article. That’s probably the only time you’ll ever hear that phrase.

‘Bling’ with its various definitions Benjamin offered is slang, but it’s usually used as a stand alone word, usually used as a noun.

Thanks, Skrej!