New word "presenteeism"


The word, new to me, presenteeism, has just reached my ears. Have you heard it and do you know what it means?


Hello Alan!
I really don’t know about that word…what does it mean?
and how can it be used?

Dear Alan,
I don’t know this word. But in my opinion, maybe it is concerned the word “presentation” and suffix “ism”. How did we present? or a subject for “presentation”
I just think them. But I hope the meaning of this word will be surprising. And when is it used? Tell us your response, please.^^


In order to understand the word you have to refer to ‘absenteeism’, which is a word describing the extent to which people who do not go to work every day for one reason or another - possibly they are sick or they feel depressed or they find an excuse for not going to work. Companies often refer to the low or high rate of absenteeism in their work force and obviously they are proud if they can show that their rate of absenteeism is low. Nowadays with the increasing financial problems throughout the world people are finding that they are made redundant and lose their jobs because their employers can’t afford to pay them any longer. With that in mind the word ‘presenteeism’ should be clearer because it refers to how people always come to work even if they are ill or are fed up with their jobs because they want to show their employers that they are very good workers and don’t want to lose their jobs.


It sounds better than ‘Punctuator’. Perhaps it describes people who are having something presented to them, or do so on a regular basis.

Millions thank to Alan


I agree with Alan. The word presenteeism refers to how people work longer and better than usual to show their bosses that they work hard and ofcourse to protect themselves from being fired.

Best regards