New TOEFL vocabulary tests


when you smile to every things, some problems can be solved by your open and fresh mind!!!



Thank you very much for!! I have already began to prepare for the TOEFL and I have a question concerning TOEFL vocabulary. Could you say if TOEFL vocabulary is like the GRE one? I have a huge list of words for GRE and do not know whether I have to find a new one list for TOEFl or they are alike?


Hello everyone,

Can anyone please help me to get a good word list to improve my vocabulary for Toefl.


thank you sir,

this vocabulary tests are very helpful to us. i took toefl-ibt last month and i found that ets has make reading extremely hard. if someone can suggest me how to improve my reading. if someine can provide reading comprehensions :lol: just like we have in exam, i would really appreciate it.

thank you again.


thank you!


Dear Sir/Madam

I took some TOFLE EEXAM (noun, adj, verb…). It’s so difficult to remember the meaning. How can I put the whole things in my head? Maybe I did not know the best way to follow up so that’s why I felt tired learning TOFLE words. Please tell me some useful ways to help me learning it. Thanks a lot


very good test.



Hi, I’m Samira from Azerbaijan. I’m new here, site seems useful, but a bit complicated. I need your help. I have to retake toefl exam for master study abroad. Recently my score is 84 but I need 110 and more. Except listening, I have problems in other sections. Especially in speaking and reading complicated texts.

Please studying is essential for me. I wait your help…


hi everybody,
does anyone can suggest me how can i improve my english and score well, i appeared for TOEFL once but the score was not satisfactory, now i m preparing again and my weak area are reading and listening… so please help me


I would be appreciate if you correct my writing ,

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hello to all fiends
i want help for about
how to improve my vocabulary in
teofl i din 2times idid not get good scoure
this my email if some have idea about that


Hi all.
Please correct me. I appreciate

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hello i am Ali from Turkey.
first of all i want to congrulate for your score.
i hope you ll reach your goal in a short time.
i havenot experienced the TOEFL yet but i have to do that as soon as possible.
my aim is to pass 84 at the 1 st.
if i pass 84 i ll have chance to USA for PG.
i wish you good luck.
Allah helps you don t worry.
for samira


just because it’s important I guess. But if we can get 500 point for TOEFL exam, we must work hard, dear


hi my name is mahsa i am from iran i love to learn English i do not know how do i read and how to learn please help me i love all of you


Hi Mahsa, nice to meet you


Hi Mahsa,

The best of learning English as a second language is attending some good classes like ILI which I am pretty sure you have heard of it in Iran; it is mainly known as KANOON E ZABAN E IRAN.

Your other option is self-studying which is a bit harder. You can do it with different software or books. Good software like Rosetta Stone and good books like streamline or headway. Also there are lots of websites that you can use; find them with a simple google search.

Also you can use TOEFL websites like to get ready for official tests like TOEFL.

Good luck!


its too difficult for me to understand when we used these word ‘on’, ‘at’, and ‘in’


There are certain rules about each word and the preposition that comes with it. The best way for you to solve this problem is that you find each preposition and its right situation and write them down on a piece of paper; then review it every now and then.

To be brief I should say that the best way is to memorize right prepositions.