New paintings called "Abstract Scaping"

If you get a chance, check these abstract paintings out on:

Here is an example

They’re basically generic paintings of the early 20th-century European styles. They’re very derivative of Kandinsky, the Russian Constructivists and the Fauves in France, all of whom were derivative of each other. I don’t think there’s much that’s original in them.

Shapes are very basic yet complicated at the same time. Depending on where you want them to fit, or where they want to fit. Some fall into place and some need carved or cut to size. The mind constructs pictures out of them especially when they are in a group. Fractals and chaos.

Of course in the middle is an organized portrait where the spiral leads to one step ahead. Everything is made of shapes and to say that there is “nothing original in shapes” is redundancy. Just like the circle that life is made of. (THE UNIVERSE) UNI=ONE and verse=AGAIN. ONCE AGAIN. It’s the same thing piling upon itself. Especially now in a day and age where everything is recorded. Everything is connected and derived from everything else. I do agree with you that there is hardly anything “original” in this world except for when it seems to be recorded in history books.

Nothing changes, just rearranges. But the only thing that i can vouch for in the context of “originality”, lies within each and every human that has ever lived, is living and will ever live. There are no two people exactly the same so therefore each individual of mankind has something unique inside of themselves to express. Even if it looks exactly like a Pollock painting or even if it looks exactly like a Blake poem. We are all just looking for something to relate to in trying to figure ourselves out and that’s what leads us to trancendence in going where no ONE has ever gone before.

Mentally, physically and everywhere in between. Returning from the journey at least feeling original even though somebody else did the same thing in another lifetime that wasn’t documented. I thank you for that thought to ponder on. :slight_smile:

-In CONCLUSION-, i agree with everything everyone says about aesthetics in general, and i feel that anything can be said about each and every painting ever made by any point of view at any angle and i do enjoy them ALL…*NOTE-"This is just a blog, not a formal essay, so feel free to tear it apart in a literal sense if you feel the need, because i know that i left room for that…

My editor is on vacation. Thanks again

WOW! I feel like I’m back in art school, reading that stuff. I still say it’s warmed-over early-20th-century avantgardism. There’s really nothing original in those paintings.


I would have to agree with Jamie.

Having studied art and been a painter myself, I found your comments a little like being back at University sitting in on one of the lectures, thanks for that. :smiley:

The paintings are only new in maybe colour combination, conceptually it is a little old hat.

There is some skill there, do not get me wrong, but it seems and feels a bit like a copy cat style with a new phrase coinage “Abstract shaping”.