New member: My name is Carmen, i am from Romanis, now living in Chicago, USA

Hello all,

My name is Carmen, i am from Romanis, now living in Chicago, USA.
I studied English language at school, for 8 years; here i realized my english is not as good as i want and i need it to be.
So, here i am.

Hi there,
My name is Tiffany. I am a new member to this site. I appreciate all the English coaches on this site who has the heart and time to help those who want to learn and improve their English skills. I look forward to communicate with my English coach Torsten but for now, I have to post five messages before I can contact him due to the policy here. Thank you.

Hi. This is Tiffany again. I hope I am posting in the right place. I am not sure how to post a message in the form. I am experiencing some difficulties in navigating this site. There are a lot of information and for someone like me (low tech) it is overwhelming to figure it out where to post in the right place. Please help! I need to get to the ESL form, so I can reply or communicate with other new members and my English coach- Torsten. Any information provided is deeply appreciated.

Hi Tiffany,

You can contact me any time by taking part in the ongoing forum discussions. By the way, your sentence should read I look forward to communicating with my…

So what exactly do you want to know?

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Hi Torsten,

Thanks for your response. Am I posting the right place? When you said I can contact you, what do you mean by that and how? So far I am tapping into other members form in order to contact you. I am responding others writing. How can I post something out there, so that I can get people’s responses.

Anyways, thanks for pointing out the " I look forward to communicating to …" I always confused with I am looking forward to see you vs. I look forward seeing you. Could you help me to understand the structure of the sentence?

Regarding “What do you exactly want to know?” As you can see from my previous writing, I have so much more to learn in general English. I would say, from grammar to writing. I completed my lesson one and lesson two. I am familiar with the content of the lessons but do have questions to ask. I don’t know where to write or post my questions. I believe that I need to fine tone my English skills and stop making bad habits in making insensitive mistakes.

Thank you for your attention and patience to look for my mistakes which I need to correct them and understand it.


dear all ,my name is Bashar .i’m from Kuwait .i speak english but not very well .if some body can help me to imrove it ,please tell me.