new member: I'm from Brazil and I'm waiting for you help me.

Hi everybody! I’d like very much improve my english. I’m from Brazil and I’m waiting for you help me.

Welcome on the forum!
My name is Nataliia and I’m from Ukraine. I can assure you that with the help of this forum you can improve your English. Here you can find pen-friends and improve your writing skills!! If you need some help - just ask! I’ll be willing to help you!
Hope you’ll enjoy it here!
Best regards,

Welcome Naldete, there are a few teachers here so if you have any specific questions go ahead and ask.

Welcome, we are all here to help you.

i also would like to improve my english, we can help to each other to boost our english
thanks a lot and good luck

Hi, nice to meet you Naldete. If you want to help, just ask.

everyone can help you LOL

we are here

hi Dear Nataliia,
i’m hassan and i’m new memeber here.please told me when i can use this sentences :
“Kindly bear with us for the time”
thanks a lot Nataliia

Kindly bear with us for the time being.
Kindly bear with us at this time.

Please have patience and wait at the moment (because we are unable to do what you have requested yet).

E.g. We cannot tell you whether you have the job immediately. Please bear with us (have patience) while we interview all the candidates.