New member from China

Greetings from China~~~
My name is Lucy and I’m from Yunnan Province, China. Right now I live in the capital city Beijing. I’d like to say hi to all of you on my very first day at the forum.

I love learning English very much. In my spare time,I like to sing English songs and watch Englisn movies . Hope we can make friends with each other and improve our English together.

Also, I know there are warm-hearted native speakers here to help people with their English. I sinerely hope to learn from all of you. Thanks a lot!

Hiiiiiiii Lucy >:D<
Welcome here…How do you do ?
We are in the same boat … about singing English songs and watching English movies… would you please tell me some of your favorite movies? so that I can know your taste :slight_smile:
and also favorite music bands/singers If you dont mind.
I’ll be glad to have a friend like you :slight_smile: