New kind of creature?

Hi you all!

I have heard about a new creature in gods nature. I know about animals which have horns at their noses or at their forehead or straight on top of their head. In the latest past I?ve heard about creatures which have buttock antlers . I wonder what they are? :?


Hi Michael

Is this a riddle? :shock:

Bye the way, a little English tip:
Instead of saying “latest past”, you should learn the word “recently”.


Hi Amy!

Thanks for your [color=green]recently reply! 8) Anyhow is it a riddle! But this creatures exist in fact. My mistake is that I don?t know the correct English idiom for buttock antlers. So if you translate it straight into German you?ll know the German idiom which for me sounds really funny! I liked to know the English idiom for it.


Do you mean ‘Arschgeweih’, Michael? I had no idea what that meant, so I looked it up:
slang whale tail.

And whale tail seems to have more than one meaning:

1 - tatto on the small of the back

2 - when a girls G-String pops out of the top of her jeans

Quite instructive, I must say :lol: !

Edit: Sorry, perhaps I should have said ‘Pogeweih’ in German (sounds less vulgar, doesn’t it?)

Hi Conchita!

Congratulation, you got it!

Whale tail fits in every way better than -use another word-antlers. I must propcure a more fashionable dictionary.

For the German idiom I only knew your first solution. Really instructive :lol: