new hat, old hat, bare head?


I just heard this:

I have heard people refer to old hat as an old person, so can I assume “bare head” here refers to an empty-headed person?


Well, according to me, to wear one’s head bare means you don’t wear any hat. So the sentence above means to have something though not good enough is much better than to have nothing.

Oh, a mistake: “any hats”!

Oh, thanks Sophie.

BTW, I ought to have given the context. I was watching a movie of Marilyn Monroe, “The Prince and the Showgirl” when I heard this dialogue.

The showgirl was questioning the wisdom of the Prince inviting her to a late supper, because in her opinion the Prince should have been inviting a more experienced woman, and they were referring to the women as “hats”.

Now that you’ve given me your view, I think you’re right, “bare head” might most possibly refers to “no woman at all”.

Wherever did I get the “empty-headed” thing, once again I got carried away in my imagination… :smiley:

Thanks Sophie!

That’s interesting – I don’t believe I’ve heard “old hat” for “old person” (or vice versa).

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Me either. Old hat normally refers to “behind the times; old-fashioned” AFAIK.

But several times before I’ve heard it on the movie people refer to an “old hat” to a an older woman. :?

I said “old person” because I dislike it being referred to women. :evil:

I think maybe information offered by Haihao is more accurate, maybe it’s an old person (incidentally) being old fashion.

Hi Cantik

I tend to agree with Sophie’s idea.

I can imagine someone saying “Better an old hat than a bare/cold head” to mean basically the same thing as “It’s better to have something (even if it’s old/tattered/ugly/out-of-date/not exciting/etc.) than to have nothing at all.”

Otherwise, if you say that something “is old hat”, that has the meaning that Haihao mentioned.

Yes, Amy. I think so too.

But I am still confused of its reference to an older woman. I think it can in certain context/situation.

Has anyone seen the movie, anyway?(I love it! MM was mesmerizing!)


Yaas, I’ve always had a little flair for the stage.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I wish I had an initials that can be done too.