New forum member from Tunesia?

I’m Houssem Moalla , from Tunisia ( SFAX) ; with 37.5 years old ; I have a Master in Accounting at faculty of Management and Economics of Sfax; I have also the TOEIC with a little score.


Hey, where is tunisia?

TUNISIA is in the North of Africa ; it’s a country with 10 millions Arab and Muslim citizens.

Tunisia with 10 millions … ; is an Agricultural and Touristic Country.

It produces Oil , Phosphate , Oranges … and it’s the best place for European and Arab tourists.

It has very great and nice hotels in Hammamet , Sousse and Jerba.

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where are you from?

Sfax with 700000 (seven thousands ) is an Industrial town which has several Companies as SIAPE ( phosphate ) …

Sfax is the Capital of the South of Tunisia and has a good team in foot-ball ( CSS ).[u]

Sfax is far from Tunis ( the capital ) about 270 KM.[/u]

Hi Houssem Moalla,
I’ll be glad to know more about Tunisia with your help.