Never mind: Never mind books, this is their true mania!

Hello everybody, here I am again with one of my many questions.

This one is about the expression “NEVER MIND”.
I’ve always used it with the meanings “it doesn’t matter” or “don’t worry”, but this morning I heard the following sentence:

[color=red]Never mind books, this is their true mania!

What’s the meaning of the sentence?
Thank you very much!

No, I wrote it exactly the way it was pronounced by a mothertongue speaker.
It sounds strange to me as well, anyway!

Well, no, unfortunately I counldn’t! :frowning:
As I said, I asked for help just because it was the first time that I happened to hear NEVER MIND in a context I can’t understand at all…

Polly, nice to read you again!

In this sentence:

‘never mind’ is used to emphasize that, although someone is very interested in books, they like something else (we don’t know what) even more. And this is their true mania, in other words,what they are really mad about.

You could also say it this way:

Books are nothing as compared to their true mania!

Dear Conchita,
thank you very much for you precious help!
Excuse me if I didn’t write sooner, but I forgot my password and coulnd’t log in… :oops:

Nice to hear from you after all this time, Polly!

We’ve missed you on the site. Hope you can drop by more often now! :slight_smile: