Neither of vs none of

…the girls has turned in the papers to the instructor yet.

If there are two girls, use ‘neither of’.
If there are more than two girls, use ‘none of’.

You should use ‘have’ not ‘has’.

That’s the problem. My deja vu told me that neither of requires a singular verb and none of requires either singular or plural. But the exercise insisted on using has. I had no other way than to choose one randomly.

In my time on the forum I have seen many examples of poorly written exercises.

Of course. Not only have you seen but it’s I who have seen also. So you still suggest me using a plural form for both. I just need to know all tye possibilites. Thank you anyway.

The plural form is the correct form. I cannot say whether that will be accepted as an answer in this poorly written question.

I’m so sorry to say this but Advanced English Grammar by Martin Hewings suggests using singular for both and that it’the safest choice.

YI’m so sorry BE. I don’t know what I was thinking. Pay attention to Mr. Hewings!

None - not one, so #has’ is correct f, formally.

You will find that both are used by native English speakers and the plural sounds more comofrtable to most, but the question is correct.
None of the girls has…

We’re all humans. Having mistakes is what no human beings can ever avoid.