Need to rearrange this sentence

Dear Teacher,

Please help me how to rearange this below sentence in formal writing.

“Photos attached in this report doesn’t have date and time in it since it is evidence for the event which takes place particular date and time”

Please suggest also whether i can shorten the sentence

Thanks in advance

No one is here to reply!!

It isn’t all that clear what you are intending to say.

Do you mean that the date and time are not shown because that information mustn’t be revealed?

Dear Dozy,

Date and time needs to be shown in the photos in order to understand by everyone that the photos were taken at particular date and time

You mean that the dates and times should be shown, but aren’t?

Sorry, I am still a bit confused. The " … doesn’t have date and time … since …" pattern of your original sentence doesn’t seem to mean that at all…

“You mean that the dates and times should be shown, but aren’t?”. Yes. You understand in correct way. So, How can I rearrange the sentence now.

Well, you could say:

“The photos attached to this report don’t show the date and time. Date and time are required as evidence of when the event took place.”

Thanks a lot