Need to check whether these sentences are correct or not

  1. Both boys and girls should lend their parents a hand in their housework.
  2. In both cases you have to assume your responsibilities, do you work properly, be disciplined and behave well.
  3. Spending too much time watching TV could deteriorate Joseph’s health because he would not do any physical activity and he would likely end up living a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. In the past cities were build on hills so that villagers would have enough time to find shelter and prepare themselves for the attack.
  5. They form part of our national heritage which was passed down through our ancestors and it is therefore our duty that we look after them.
  6. I would suggest him to visit the National Museum because it is a prominent building and a landmark for this city.
  1. Fine as-is. I would prefer “a hand doing housework.”

  2. Fine as-is. ( you vs your - I assume that’s a typo )

  3. Fine as-is. Could maybe break into two sentences.

  4. I would add a comma after “In the past,”.

  5. Fine as-is.

  6. I would suggest that he visit…


@NearlyNapping In Number 4, I made a mistake, it should be ‘were built’ not ‘were build’, am I right? I tried to edit my post but it would not let me. Thanks for your help.


Yes it should be built.
I actually noticed that but forgot to say it.

I don’t know why you can’t edit your post. Maybe @Torsten can answer.


I will look at this tomorrow, please remind me if I forget.