Need some help! (TOEIC grammar questions)

Hello everybody! Im gonna do TOEIC in just two weeks and I’m scared. I need some help with these questions. Sorry if they were already made.

Because of the firm’s incompetent approach to the project, the customer has decided to terminate the business ________.

a. relation
b. relative
c. relatively
d. relationship
(I chose a, which is incorrect :s)

Due to the ________ demand for our new extrapolation system software, we will need to ensure satisfactory residue stock levels…

a. expectant
b. expected
c. expecting
d. expectorant
(I chose c)

Investors are advised to not merely rely upon the gossip ___________ industry specialists, but should also make their own personal analysis.

a. in
b. about
c. on
d. among
(I chose c)

It is fair to say that ________ such an increase in sales has never occurred in any sustained way, we should not ignore any possible impact it may have on our production ability and lead times.

a. when
b. that
c. which
d. although

The rich Invest __________ the poor do not must certainly be a sign of a class ability system.

a. in spite of
b. in that
c. where
d. which

Please explain me your answers! Thank you!

The first sentence I choose C because relationship is a noun, not use relation as its meaning is not suitable.
the second sentence I choose C because this situation is occuring, it is a adj,
The third sentence I choose C because rely + adj ( on)
the fourth sentence I choose A because we can’t choose B or C, although is not correct about its meaning.
the last I choose C becase it is relation clause


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well, I have another answers for 5 questions above:
The first one, I choose: d
The second one, I choose: b
The third one, I’m considering between b and d. Maybe I’ll choose d.
The fourth one, perhaps, a or d, it depends on the meaning, I’m not sure about some new words, I choose a.
And the last, it’s a.

Well, which answers are true?

look again at the 4th and last answers.