Need some assessments of my GRE score

Just get the score and percentile today, I am planning to apply to the top 20 engineering programs in Aerospace or material discipline. Maybe math for backup. Would someone be kind enough to give some schools and programs (ms or phd) that I will be very likely to get accepted and get some sort of fellowship.

Here is the score
V: 640 91%
Q: 800 94%
AWA: 5 71%

oh my undergrad GPA is kinda low only about 3.35.

I would appreciate all the help. ^^

Hi, can you let me know when you took the GRE test? I took on Aug 25th but not getting scores so far.

I also have some experiences in applyin to Engineering program. Please let me know your background: what 's your undergrad major and where did you graduate. I will provide some sugestions.


I took it on the 22nd of August. My undergraduate is dual degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Florida. Thx for the reply.