Need some advice about cracking GRE


I am an incipient to this forum and want to take GRE in 3-4 months. I need guidance on how should i plan an effective schedule for GRE. I am very much puzzled and I have got everything to refer to but do not know how to make a best out of it. :?:

Secondly, I face a lot of problem in writing section and in quantative section too.I solved Barrons for quantitave section and am looking for another source meeting the difficulty level of GRE. Does anyone have idea which would be the right source for Maths section.

Any help in this respect will be really appreciable.


Hi! I will suggest to you what works for me.

Do practice questions on weeknights, for an hour or two. Work on one type of test question a night, like sentence correction. Note your errors in a spreadsheet or on note cards, and track what types of mistakes you are making. Sometimes you might be rushing things and making silly mistakes, and other times it will be errors in calculation, or not knowing the formula, grammar rules, etc.

Every weekend, take a practice test. Review those answers carefully too, and compare to how you did on your practice questions from during the week. If you get them right in practice but wrong on the timed test, then you need to work on test-taking skills. If you get them wrong in both areas, keep working on fundamentals.

Some very good books to use are Cracking the GRE (for test-taking skills and excellent tests that have answer explanations), Verbal Workout for the GRE, Grammar Smart and Word Smart (great vocab list and tips). I have all four of those books plus Official Guide, and would recommend all of them. Of course take the Powerprep tests from too.

I hope this helps.

Hey ,

Thanks a million…I liked the way you have explained me everything and will try to follow as per your instructions…Earlier, it was very hard for me to plan, but now i can …

I am very grateful to you…



Cool. :slight_smile: Glad I could help!!