Need Questions

Friends i am new to this forum. I booked my slot on june 8. I started to prepare from now.Please can anyone help me to get a good score. Friends whoever are taking the exam before june 8 please post me the questions you obtained so that i can prepare. I need your help buddies.

That’s pathetic. And it’s CHEATING. We can’t come on here and post for you the questions we saw on our exams. Get real.

If you can’t handle a simple test like the GRE without cheating, then you don’t belong in grad school.


like the other guy said, the questions can not be revealed. It’s the law
Anyway i took the test today, and let me tell u, it was not that simple as i expected. Anyway i did 1300, so i’m pretty satisfied.

good luck with the study and time management


thank you. my intention was not to really get the questions. I wanted to know what the way questions are put forward. Well i am preparing reallv well to get on my exam. Thanks friends as you said i would try to impove myself. cu soon.