need password for Everyday technical English.rar

Hi ESL forum members,
Glad to see everybody on forum.
Currently I 'm working in electronic company of U.S.A, and I want to improve your English everyday. But I don’t have enough condition to learn in English class, because I have married and have 2 childrens. I only study English alone via internet, read newspaper, English books online.
Now I have a file English book “Everyday technical English” which I downloaded on internet, this is a file .rar , I unrarred it by many programs but don’t. it need a password to extract, So if everybody have password for it, please help and share to me on forum.

Many thanks,


You do realize that this is copyright infrigement. :)))
If you downloaded it via a file sharing network (which I suspect you did), then it could be the uploader’s intention to conceal the password to stop other people downloading it (he/she probably wanted to share it among a close group of people). So looking for the password is futile.

Why not buy the book? That way you won’t be breaking the law.