Need help


I think this is the most suitable section to ask something about my blog. I have an English blog and I post topics from a purchased book “Understanding and Using English Grammar”.

At the end of every post, I always give sources like:

Understand And Using English Grammar

Is it enough to write the book name I copy topics from?

Also, I have activated a “Jokes” package and I get jokes from Service Provider daily. I post those jokes on my blog. How can I give sources?

Many thanks

Book and author(s)/editor(s) at the very least, I’d have thought. The name of the publisher and year of publication would also be expected for more formal, traditional forms of writing.

Do you mean you get text jokes sent to your mobile phone or you get jokes e-mailed to you via something like an RSS feed?
You could say something like:
Jokes courtesy of xxx
if the service has a name.

Okay - I’ll gives sources like:

Understand and Using English Grammar by Betty Betty Schrampfer Azar
Jokes courtesy of Telenor

Thank you very much - BeeesNeees