Need help in achieving IELTS band 8




I am new to this forum. Can anyone help me in improving my IELTS english speaking and writing. Actually I am aiming 8 band in all sections of IELTS and currently I am struggling with writing and speaking.

I would really appreciate expert advice from all the valuable members.

Thank you.


Hello Eng, welcome to our forum and thanks a lot taking the time to post your first message here. Please tell us a little more about yourself so we can better assist you. For example, why are you preparing for IELTS exam? What have been doing so far to improve your English? What kind of articles do you read and what podcasts do you listen to and why?

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Thank you Torsten for your prompt reply. Actually I belong to non-english speaking country and I required IELTS 8 band in each section for my immigration process to Australia. Up till now I only focused on practicing the IELTS sample tests available on internet and up to some extent I watched English movies, try to speak with my spouse in english at home (hardly for 1-2 hours a day) because most of the time in a day I was at work and there the way of communication is not English.

But as now I already appeared 3 times for IELTS within a span of last 2 years and it seems those strategies are not working for me as in all the attempts I failed to achieve even 7 band in each section.

Now I started reading English books/novels and listening to BBC podcasts as well whenever I have spare time in a day ( well I am a working man and I have only 3-4 hours in the evening to practice for IELTS/English).

I have a dream to settle in Australia along with my family and I don’t want to give up. I am trying my best and ready for any sort of hard work. If you please advice me any strategy which can work for me in this scenario, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you and waiting for your reply.

Just to inform you, below were my IELTS bands:

L:8, R:6, W:7, S:6, OVERALL:7
L:6.5, R:7.5, W:6, S:6.5, OVERALL:6.5
L:7.5, R:7, W:6, S:6.5, OVERALL:7


Hi again Eng and many thanks for your time. I think I now have a better understanding of your situation and I wrote a number of articles around the questions associated with learning English as a second language and I would like to hear what you make of this for example: English For Winners - Book Site

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The secret of the top score is not only in deep English knowledge, it’s as well about understanding how the IELT’s scoring system works. You should use all the info that is available in the net in order to do it. Lots of famous tutors have great youtube channels with tips that help to score better. The most difficult part is writing, you can try here to find a good teacher that can help you correct not only grammar, but can train you to the test.


However, you should also keep in mind that what you think and write is much more important than following the standards created by organizations or institutions.