Need help, I am studying English

I speak Spanish, but I am studying English. So I need practice it.

We all will be glad to help!!!

thank you for your coopration but could you plz explain how you will help us . because even me, i am suffering from this problem…

Just do the exercises you find in this site; ask for explanations and try to write on your own- you will learn English.

Why would you say that the best way of learning English is to go to an English class and communicate with the students? If you do that you will end up speaking English with lots of mistakes and the worst thing is you wouldn’t even notice!

I see what you mean. But how about communicating with native speakers? Have you ever tried it?

Your sentence should read:

So I need practice. Or:
So I need to practice it.

What I mean is socializing with native speakers. You can hang around with them and listen to how they interact with other. Then you can ask questions such as What does this phrase mean? You can simply repeat words or word combinations that you pick up from their conversations and if you chose the right type of people they will be able and willing to explain those phrases to you. If you try to ‘communicate’ with other learners of English you are bound to learn to speak English with mistakes. It works like this: You say somehow say something to them and they somehow understand you. You both are happy that you can make yourselves understood to each other. Over this happiness you completely forget about the fact that you make lots of grammar mistakes. After a while you get used to speaking English your way. You will develop a habit of speaking English with grammar mistakes. Habits can be powerful. Think about it.

So you are suggesting that language classes aren’t any good? Why there are so many people signing up for English courses then? If it were that easy to learn a language the language schools would be out of business in no time. How can socialize with native speakers of English if you live in South America?

It’s all very well to say that, but where are the native speakers? Where I live, there aren’t many about, sadly. Or even fluent speakers. And what are you supposed to do to find one, put an advert for it? Like me, lots of people at all language levels would ask for nothing better than to have the opportunity of following your advice. What would you suggest?

Hmm, have you thought about the Internet? Hook up with native speakers online. Use Skype, Paltalk and all the other places out there.

Thank you for your suggestion, Hipster. Actually I had thought about that – though I haven’t tried it yet. I guess it’s the next best thing and will have to do. Maybe my disappointing experience with chatrooms has put me off anything like that for a while!