Need advice regarding a second attempt for GRE

Hi all

I took my GRE today, got a score of 1280(800 Quant and 480 Verbal). While doing the paper, I felt that that Quant was tougher than the tests I had attempted(Kaplan and Power Prep) while Verbal seemed easier. After giving the exam, I felt I would score around 700 in Quant and around 650 in Verbal but the result was extremely unexpected.
Of all the tests I had attempted, I used to score in the range of 1350-1470.
I had prepared quite well but I felt that I lacked in my preparation with respect to attempting tests. Though I had done Big Book and Kaplan quite some time back, I started attempting the timed tests just 5 days before the test and in those 5 days, I did around 7-8 tests.

I am extremely disappointed with my score. I wish to ask certain things. I want to apply mainly for courses in Engineering Management or courses which are Technical+Management. The universities that offer such courses are not many and due to stiff competition, they do require high scores.
The profile I have is as follows:
Good projects with two research papers, done good training, have won a national level Business Plan competition, founder and administrator of an online site and I am from one of the top engineering colleges of the country but my academics aren’t very good. They are so-so.
Due to low acads, I wanted to maintain a balance with the GRE score.

Now, please advice me about whether I should take the GRE again. How much is the general increase in the score after a second attempt?
I have no problem working hard and giving it again but it should be worth it, i.e., there should be a substantial increase in the score. So, please guide me. I am extremely worried.

(I apologize for the pretty long mail. I thought I ll explain everything before asking for advice).


1280 is not bad at all. i guess you need a touch of luck. try to search some other resources of the verbal on the web which better reflex the previous exams

Thanks for the reply but what is the general(average) increase in the second attempt?

it depends on what kind of material you prepare in between of the two attempts. friend of mine could raise his score 210 pts (from 1320 to 1530) but he tried several questions that frequently appeared in previous exams (according to him). he will be attending CMU’s computer engineering department begining from the next fall.

if you use to score in the range of 1350 to 1450 then the only reason you ended up with a 480 on verbal is because of bad luck. I have heard of such cases. you ll most probably do better if you gave it again( luck cant always be against you). Tell me this though, when you did the big book tests(verbal) how many correct answers were you able to score and in how much time.

I would definitely retake. Improving verbal takes time but it’s worth it, especially if you want to do management. Kaplan isn’t the best for verbal. I would use Princeton Review for the retake; their verbal questions are a lot closer to the real GRE. Also get Word Smart for the GRE if you need to work on vocab.