Natural-sounding sentences...

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Are these sentences correct and natural-sounding to native speakers?

A: Her perfume lingers in my room. I can still smell it.
B: Her perfume is lingering in my room. I can still smell it.
C: I’m accepting your apology.
D: I accept your apology.
E: I’m apologizing for what I did. I honestly didn’t mean it.
F: I’m hoping for your kind consideration.
G: I’m hoping you understand me.
H: I’m warning you

Actually, I’ve read a grammar book explaining that verbs that perform the action they describe (Ex. accept, acknowledge, advise, warn, apologize, suggest, hope ) often use the simple present. But I guess I heard some speakers use "warn, apologize, accept and hope) in the present continuous form.

Please clear my confusion

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I think we can’t use some certain verbs in “present continuous”; therefore, they are used in “simple present”:
Her perfume lingers in my room.
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What about the sentences: [b][I’m hoping for your kind consideration (used especially in letters); I’m warning you; I’m encouraging everybody to participate. [/b]Are they incorrect? I’m sorry if I keep on asking. It’s just that these expressions are commonly used here in my country.

Hi Nie,
The only sentence you’ve posted ( from the two posts) which sounds a little stilted is:
I’m accepting your apology’.
That would only be used in a small number of circumstances. Your next example: ‘I accept your apology’ is far more common.

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