Namaste from India

Hello friends,

Just dropped by to say ‘Hi’ to all.

Hope together we have a good time here!


Hi Satish,

What part of India are you from? I’ve visited India many times, and travelled around a lot of the country, especially the South. It’s a beautiful country! :slight_smile:


Hi Satish,
Does your name mean anything in your language? I’m from Morocco, North Africa. We have some dialects but not as many as in India. Will you tell us more?

See you :lol:

Hi all,

My apologies for not having replied earlier, being away from this lively board for a while now. The loss is entirely mine…

Yes, mine is a beautiful country , as indeed this entire planet of ours is, at least where we have let Nature have its say!

My name is derived from that wellspring of numerous of our languages and dialects , namely a prehistoric language called Sanskrit : ‘Satish’ is a combination of ‘sat’ i.e. truth (though this’s only one of its meanings) and ‘ish’ or Ishwara or Almighty God.

At times, reconstructing the meaning of one’s own name - something we have taken for granted for so long - can be a pretty humbling experience!

Thank you for allowing me to revisit that.

With best regards,and hoping to read and hear more and more of great English,


“It’s not always what others say; mostly, it’s what we manage to hear.”

Hi Satishrw!
Maybe I’m unfamiliar to you. I joined later afterwards as you can see it. Your English is pretty good, you use various grammatical constructions what I appreciate most of all. Keep on writing in the same way. Hope to see you often.

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for the kind words, words the kind that are always welcome !


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