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Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
“Teachers should not make their political or social view known to students in the classroom.”

Teachers are the architect to build up a nation. Students pass more time with teacher in their younger age than family and relatives. So students could start to take the ideology, culture and personality which have been ingrained in teachers. From my point of view, the main job of teachers is to disseminate knowledge in the classroom. He should not disclose his political or social view to students.

Teacher’s political and social view could courage students to accept it regardless of judging whether it is right or wrong. By this way, students may engage actively with that view and started to nourish his ideology subconsciously as student’s mind is more receptive to new idea and view. For example, when I was in the school my knowledge was not rich enough to distinct different view and teachers were like most erudite person of the world to me as they are all knower. Every time I got trouble related to study I had to resort to them and they solved it like magic. If teachers expressed their favourite player, hobby or their political view in the classroom I started to groom them instead of my real inclination. It becomes so ingrained in my mind that even in this middle age I can’t give up these ideas.

Hatred can be propagated among students and teachers by revealing the political and social ideas of teachers in the classroom. No idea can be such a profane that it has no flaw or inaccuracies. Negative aspects can lead many students to rejects this idea or view along with the people who holds it. In my college most of the students and teachers were Muslims and the rest were minorities. It is no offence to hold and support different view in general. When, one of the teachers was expressing his support to Islamic culture and society in presence of few Hindu students. It hurt their feelings though the opinion of teachers was right. In response they refused to attend his class. In the other hand the remaining fraction was desperate to want him. It divided us into two segments.

Teachers political and social view can make him biased to the students who hold the same idea. It can be exposed even in the classroom and in the exam paper evaluation to keep them in edge. This biased and partisan nature will harm him to perform his duty with respectfully and neutrally. So in the class room he would give more opportunity to students who support his idea and other segment could be deprived automatically and unintentionally.

Teachers are the most respected and venerated person to the students as their duty is to raise the students with morals and ideal character. So teachers should not disclose their view in the classroom. As it can discourage student to grow up with their own idea, spread disliking and create biasedness among teachers to differentiate his own student.

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of Social History (2)