My tooth infection is damaging my facial muscles


Will it be correct to say that ‘My teeth infection is damaging my facial muscles’ or ‘My teeth infection has been damaging the facial muscles’? Because it has been started 3 years ago.
What is the correct sentence to express the condition of my health?

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My tooth infection is damaging my facial muscles. - if it is still causing damage now, even though it might have started doing so several years ago.
My tooth infection was damaging my facial muscles. - if the infection has now been treated and is no longer causing damage.
Usually, the simple present/past tense would be enough, though it is possible to use ‘has been’ if you are immediately going on to speak about another action or a consequence like this:
My tooth infection has/had been damaging my facial muscles and has/had left me with weakness on one side of my face.

‘tooth infection’ not ‘teeth infection’ - even if several teeth were affected.

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You are right, the infection is damaging my left side facial muscles.
Does this happen with tooth infection? with/by/due to - which would be the best to use?


‘Due to’ is the only option that would work here.

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Hi, I’ve removed the spam from your post and hope your kid’s teeth are fine.


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