my TOEFL will be in 26 September

hi all of you

my second toefl will be in 26 of this month

who will be with me ?

please let us exachange opinions and experiments :stuck_out_tongue:

TOEFL listening discussions: How many types of IMA passes are available?

Well, I will be with you.

What’s your timezone and when will you appear for the test?

Leave me a PM/message.

Check out my listening tip too.


I had my toefl in 25 of September…:slight_smile: But I blew it up…in my writing essay i didn’t click on submit button:(I was just waiting the time to expire considering it will be automatically saved:(…I hope you guys didn’t made same mistake:(My writing pare won’t be evaluated I think:( If you have information about this question I would like to know did someone already have the same problem and what was the outcome of this. I was not introduced with the rules of writing part and timing…Hope you managed to do good…
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

no no no do not let me worry

it will be automatically saved .

in my first toefl , i did not click on submit button in the two parts of writing section and i recieved my score.

i think you press on that button when you finish your essay before time over and you wannna to go .

so do not worry my dear .

your friend , pizza.

:)Thank you my friend, thank you for this answer:) you can’t imagine how you saved me:)I was out of my mind:)The thing is that I passed this test first time and there was a girl who posed the same question and I started to worry for that…since I don’t have experience with this test:)In fact I don’t need high score but still I am full of mistrust in my English proficiency…
So your’ test went well?Are you happy with the work done?I never speak with anyone who had already have experience with taking this test, so if you could write me a little about yours it would be great:)I hope it is not to much to ask:)Thank you in advance.

you are welcome

what was your independant esssay .

i will be grateful if you visit the following link. … y_in_toefl

But my independent essay was about something about the job…I can’t really say exactly:) I am confused though about the scoring…I had so many questions on the reading part:S, and also i had to much listening parts:S Well I guess it is normal

if you do not mind i wann to chat with you about toefl now

my email is

There I added you:)on my msn:)

Hi Pizza.
It’s my pleasure.
I will be with you too, with pleasure.

nice dialog

i had my toefl on the 25th. it was difficult, especially the reading part. and the listening was a way more fast than the excercises.
i didnt get to finish the answer of a speaking part…i really hope they wont consider it too much =)
waiting for the results… :roll:
i should get them next friday!!

I took toefl on 26th too. I messed up the listening section :frowning: (in addition to the speaking section, which was expected btw). Its very important to concentrate fully in the listening section. I couldn’t complete the speaking tasks in the given time. For most of the questions recording was cut while I was speaking. A few more days to get the score!

Well, I don’t think that it is a big thing that the time ended before you finished, they will still score your answer, computer recorded your voice so I don’t understand why you are worrying, except you didn’t managed to answer questions properly?:S
Did you ever had a chance to pass tis test before?What are your experiences?If you not mind me asking?I didn’t have a good impression with that reading:S hmmm…and writing…well first part was a bit complicated:S

Hi, I am not sure about how much my speaking section score will be :wink: thats all…I want to get 100+ and if speaking is very bad then I may not get 100. I took the test for the first time. I am a semiconductor professional, 5+ yrs experience. Now “thinking” of higher studies :). My reading was OK, I did not manage time well in the second section and had to run fast to complete the final questions. But overall my reading went OK. listening was not as good as I expected, I used to score full in mock tests(barrons). Writing I did very well(the only section im satisfied with). Ho much do you expect?

i took it for the first time too. i dont think i did a great job on the reading section as i said but all i need is a score higher than 76…i really hope to get it!
my experiences? i lived in the states for a while! that’s all i have!

Hmmmm well I am afraid to expect anything to be honest:S…This was my first time and as I see there are lot of people with different experiences…the thing is I took this test and after I think about the parts I was disappointed I didn’t do well as I was hoping to…my English is not so bad I guess:( but the concept of the test is a bit tricky, I mean the time frame…everything was done in a haste I’m afraid so my expectations are not so high:( or maybe I am being to self critical, which I highly doubt:)I’m not aiming for score of 100 I can say that I am sure I didn’t reach that:)Reading part was the only part I was not afraid of…I assumed it will be ok…just an assumption:)

ok! lets wait for a couple of days more and see what happens! wish u good luck! I will update once I get the sore.

I got 100!!!
super super super yayyyyy!!!

reading 24
listening 25
speaking 26
writing 25

As I said, it was my first TOEFL
UW here I come!!! =)

I got unlucky 99 :frowning: 26R, 25L, 24S, 24W