My Toefl Score!

Hi all,

Just received my TOEFL Scores Today!
Scored 99… ( Although a bit less than my expectations but a high level score in every section)
Since my univ requires a minimum score of 80. So thats still very good.

I personally want to Thank Kitos for his timely help and support.
Thank you Kitos for your guidance. I really appreciate the manner in which you help and encourage all the learners of this forum. I got 28 in my writing skills.
You have contributed a lot to this success :slight_smile:
Thanks once again!

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

TOEFL listening discussions: How long has the young man been drinking alcohol?

Congrats Goodman…
That is really good score.

Thanks sonav !

Congratulations Goodman.
How I wish I was in your shoes with this score!

Congratulation on your score , especially for the writing section!

Wow this is good sound
I like your scors
I hope to get scors like you