my score is so embarassing

I got 75
-R 22
-L 15
I know my score was low because I haven’t mastered my grammar
However, congratulation, gianglp! I’m so proud of you

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@Kaka: Are you planning to study abroad? Don’t give up or be upset, let transform your disappointment into the strength and try harder next time. You can do it better than me!!! Just take a break and enjoy this Christmas with your family and your friends. Wish you all the best!


hiPlease listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Kaka, you have been trying hard. There is no need for you to be ashamed. You have your whole life ahead of you, lots of chances. Just keep on trying and don’t lose heart. Wishing you great success in the near future. Now just enjoy yourself with your family and friends…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

Kaka, it’s your first time. Try again! You will succeed! :slight_smile:

it is not a rule to have a great score after the first exam … you can still reach your goals by studying, anyway congratulations !!

Not embarrassing at all. Maybe you were dealt difficult questions.
One’s command of English is one of the very few things that is difficult to assess, because there’s so much to it.
Much depends on who’s judging you, if that person is competent enough to give you a fair assessment of your grasp of English (for instance you can run into a teacher for whom English is not his or her first language, and then you may find yourself in a world of trouble because foreigners, no matter how good they get at English, still make occasional mistakes, it sort of goes with the turf. And therefore they cannot be relied on too much).

Don’t be upset kaka. At least now you know your strength and weakness. Your previous work in this forum proves that you are a very diligent and dedicated student. I believe that if you work on your weakness, you will surely get a better score next time. Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Does nobody think it co-incidental that Kaka’s reading was exactly the same score as his writing? I don’t.
I love it when a point proves itself.

I think it proves only one thing: that their random number generator is on the fritz.
[size=75](just kidding)[/size]

I know you are just kidding, but I think I know what Kitos meant…that is the essence of reading to writing. You are good at reading, so you are at writing…In fact, reading and writing complement each other perfectly to become a determining factor in success ( oh, I am writing an essay ^_^)
Hehe, always be Kitos’ henchman :wink:

Hello Kaka,

Never ever give up. You have showed a lot of diligence and competence at this forum. Try again. I am sure, next time, you will receive a great score, even higher than 100.

I just realized the essence of reading 2 week ago so I hadn’t enough time to improve my writing perfectly.
The second problem is I have underestimated the speaker’s speed in real test. Hey,… Kitos, you are absolutely right