My own predicament!

I admired someone who can make a good English essay and can point out grammatical errors in the sentence. I’m not an English speaker and very much inclined to be a good one.

Though I’m fond of reading news, novels and other English articles, I am still not confident in my English. I got tongue-tied when talking to someone and scramming for the right words to say from my mind. When writing a letter or even paragraph of a certain topic, it takes me half and hour or so before I made it.

I found out that the problem with me is my limited vocabulary and less knowledge in grammatical structures. That’s the fact and I accepted it.

Now, I asked myself, “what will I do to be fluent in English? To be like someone that can speak English confidently and can compose and essay or a story easily.

Oh, how I wish I can be like that person who has a mind with flowing vocabulary!

Well you write beautifully! I’m learning Spanish and I know where you are coming from. No matter what level I have I always feel that I want to speak better. Think about how far you have come. Think back to when you started and try to imagine how much you wanted to have the level you have now.

Speaking is always the hardest part and this will come. Practice as often as possible and enjoy it. Don’t worry too much about improving and just let it happen.

I think if you let things just happen its only a matter of time YDA.

Be Patient - great things come to those who wait… and practice regularly :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!

My advice YDA to anyone who can fly but is afraid of leaving the nest would be to - Read a novel in English - One you have already read in your own language but interesting enough to read again. Take your time and your speed will increase, but take plenty of breaks or you will get headaches… :slight_smile: